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Teaching requires many skills. One must first of all know what one is talking about,
(you'd be surprised) but also have an understanding about how to read people and
find their strengths. Everyone has traveled their own path and bring a very unique relationship to music in general and guitar in specific. Its very important for the teacher to learn the student.

Of course kids are less traveled and therefore need more generalised guidance. I have found that giving a clear set of goals combined with music theory and technique works best. A good teacher will make sure to devote attention to not only what is necessary to develop the student, but also what the student is eager to learn. These two things are often quite different. The challange is delivering both. A teachers job is to educate, but If you're not having fun, WHATS THE POINT? When teaching guitar players (who come with a working knowledge), it is important to assess what they already know and use that as a spring board toward new knowledge and understanding. Music is very much a natural extension of our selves and our life experience. If you use that, you will have great success in your teaching. Teaching everyone from the same lesson plan gets only a small part of the job done. The bottom line is every student is truely unique and must be treated accordingly.

So, all that being said, If you would like to contact me for lessons, I'm happy to discuss it with you.

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