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Burr's stuff:

Always with the questions. While it's true that I have lots of really cool stuff that I get to mess with, its also true that it is considerable work. But I love it because the technology is truely awesome, because it provides us with new ways to perform compose and record. It seems to be true though that lots of guitar players are resistant to new technology, resistant to change. Eager to stay with the tried and true tube amp and classic style electric guitar. Why fix it if it aint broke, they might say. I have a theory about why many guitar players resist new technologies and piano players don't. But thats a conversation for another time. Change can be scary, no question there. But the telephone wasn't broke when Steve Jobs got his hands on it and look what he did. So....the next time you come back from a heavy work out at the gym and are deciding if you need to get changed out of your work out clothes before hanging out with you buds, remember...........CHANGE IS GOOD.

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