Hi, I am Burr Johnson, a musician, producer, and educator

I have produced many music records, collaborated with many artists and perform my own original compositions in the Burr Johnson Band.

I am the founder and CEO of Burr Bear Music, a children’s music company specializing in the development of children’s perceptual motor skills through music and dance.

My Music Teaching  follows my personal methods of instruction. I  teach a wide range of musicians from total beginners to top players in the industry.

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Burr Johnson - Endorsements in Music Production Industry


BB King

“He’s one Bad A** Mother F***r” 

“A pleasure to have on my stage”

Chris Spector

Midwest Records
“I can tell you, without qualification, that Burr Johnson is one of the funkiest (& most exciting) players I’ve listened to in many, MANY years…”​

Al DiMeola

“Burr Johnson is a monster player. His tone sounds like bells””

Les Paul

“Burr Johnson’s music is both intelligent and inspired, I really enjoyed playing together”

Pat Metheny

Not only is Burr Johnson the world’s  leading authority on electronic guitar  systems and how to get the best and most musical results from them, he is also an absolutely incredible player. He can just flat out burn. The concepts that he shared with me had a big impact on how I think about using these systems and the tips that he passed on to me reflected his mastery in how to get the guitar to communicate effectively first to the machines, but ultimately to the audience.

Bruce Springsteen

“Burr Johnson is a truly great player…”

Brother Jack McDuff

“Mother F***er can play. It’s like Chicken Scratch…”​

Mike Varney

Guitar Player Magazine

“Burr is a harmony-oriented player who is as comfortable playing clean chord-solo phrases as he is laying down a barrage of blistering fusion licks. Burr augments his sound with guitar-synth soundscapes,  which serve a foundations for his masterful soloing”




Come see us at this lovely restaurant.  The food is great and so are we!!  We play from 7:00 to 10:00,  And Dina Dadian will be joining us for some singing.

March 1st



Skipfest - Burr Johnson - Joe Deninzon - Francie Moon
Check out this gig,
performing with Joe Deninson


Parish Hall of Trinity Episcopal Church

55 George St, Allendale, New Jersey

11 / 11


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