All Forms of learning are welcome here

Whether you are seeking to simply learn some fun songs to play, or want to dive into some other forms of learning, like the Suzuki or Dalcroze Methods, music theory and composition, reading sheet music, or improvisation, we cover many forms of learning.

Often the best approach is to do a little of everything to develop a more complete knowledge of all things music.

Burr Johnson - Music Teacher

My Style of Teaching Music

Excellence in teaching often comes when a teacher is both teaching and learning at the same time. Understanding who you are teaching is crucial to an effective and productive learning experience. Therefore it is good to learn the students goals and, when possible, tailor the lesson plans accordingly.

Music is a natural extension of ourselves and life experiences, and everyone is unique and learn differently. Having a good understanding of your student will ensure more success in teaching and learning.

Online Music Lessons Are Available

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Individual Approach

Teaching requires many skills and the ability to read people and find their strengths. Everyone has traveled their own path and brings a unique relationship to music and learning.

I have found that establishing a clear set of goals, including music theory and technique works very well. A good teacher will make sure to devote attention to not only what is necessary to develop the student, but also what the student is eager to learn. 

These two things are often quite different.

A good teacher can deliver both.

Why Should You Take Music Lessons from Burr?

Over these years, Burr instructed individual students and groups on guitar, drums and other instruments. He also worked with our school band and other ad hoc musical groups that were generated over the years by various groups of musicians.. I am happy to recommend Burr.

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Jonathan W. R. Lamb
Headmaster, The Storm King Boarding School
Not only is Burr Johnson the world’s leading authority on electronic guitar systems and how to get the best and most musical results from them, he is also an absolutely incredible player. He can just flat out burn. The concepts that he shared with me had a big impact on how I think about using these systems.
Pat Metheny - Cropped from original image by Tyrone Lancaster, Wikimedia Commons
Pat Metheny
American Jazz Guitarist, Professional Musician
Burr Johnson has the kind of positive energy, musical excellence and pedagogic versatility that guarantees his place as a dynamic and engaging music teacher. Whether in a group setting or for individual instruction, Burr finds the unique musical path best suited for his students of all ages and abilities.
Rockland Conservatory of Music
Marigene Kettler
Executive Director, Rockland Music Conservatory
I've known Burr Johnson for over 20 years, first as a member of the vibrant New York music community, and then as a highly skilled guitarist and instructor. I've found Burr to be a very qualified and competent teacher who demonstrates great skill and patience in his teaching. He is intelligent and articulate and interacts very well with the students while showing respect, humor, and clarity of thought.
Manhattan School of Music
Richard Sussman
Jazz Arts Faculty, Manhattan School of Music
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