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Musikmesse (Frankfurt)

B.A.M. 2012

This was at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. They called it a Guitar Summit with the BJB playing first and then Dave Fuzinsky’s band. Great crowd, great sound system. The crew said we were the best band they’d seen in a long time. Always nice to hear.

NAMM 2012

NAMM was great that year

Launching a brand new product is always fun, especially when it shows such great promise.
The Triple Play Guitar Controler is going to be great. Everyone loved it and wanted to play.

Trumpets is always a Great Gig

Our gigs at Trumpets are always really powerful. Big audience response and great playing.
The acoustics of the room accommodate our volume requirerments.
We can kick it without concern for overblowing the room.

Club N.V.

More Photos

We live in a visual world, even when the focus is music
A favorite quote of mine:
“Look how good they sound”

The More The Merrier

Nikki Armstrong, Takashi Otsuka, Thierry Arpino, Enrico Granafei, Burr Johnson.
Inspired music beause everyone is so inspiring.

The More The Merrier

More photos. People always want photos. We understand, photos are cool. We think they help us to reflect on our purpose in life, or how fat we’ve become.

The Old 76 house is a regular stop for us. We always have a great time!

What It Is

Just a couple of shots here for fun. These pics were taken for the What It Is CD. Thierry Arpino, Al Payson, Burr Johnson.

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