Burr Bear Music Program

We start with fun. Fun is joyful, and when you are happy you are open minded. Joy sparks interest and curiosity. From there, excitement to learn. In an atmosphere free of pressure and competition, our teachers can sequence a program of activities which develop many skills and abilities.

Essential Skills Development through Dalcroze Eurhythmics Movement And Music Discipline

Poise and Coordination

To develop control in starting and stopping movement in time to the music.


To discriminate changes in direction - forward, backward, up down, etc.


To develop left/right discrimination.

Space Orientation

To move as a group in a circle, clockwise or counter clockwise and to set parameters for all movement.

Shapes and Letters

To form shapes or letter-designs individually or in a group.

Concentration and Memory

To increase attention span and ability to remember actions and sounds.

Language Development

We use rhymes, chants and words appropriate to music to develop speech and vocabulary


To identify and move to specific numbers of sounds.

Aesthetic Feeling through Music

Aesthetic Feeling

To develop sensitivity to dynamics, mood, tempo, and other nuances of music.


To create movements, gestures, words, and rhythms appropriate to music.

Hi, I am Burr Johnson, a Professional Musician and Educator

Burr Johnson

About My Music Teaching Experience

I have a Bachelor’s in Music from William Paterson University and have been working in music education and performance for over thirty years. Before starting my own company I worked with the Mini Music Makers, a company that has served the tri-state area under the direction of Barbara Baker.

My many long-term relationships include Haverstraw Library, Children’s Corner, North Castle Summer Camp, Mt. Pleasant Parks & Recreation, North Castle Parks and Recreation, Pleasantville Parks and Recreation, The Goddard School, Tutor Time, Ages and Stages, Teddy Bear day Care, Children’s Playground, Rhythm and Rhyme School, Rockland Conservatory of Music, Clarkstown Learning Center, and many more throughout New York and New Jersey. For more information and references, please call (845) 826-4133.

Why I Love Teaching

Children offer us insight into ourselves. Probably because we’ve all been there. Kids can be refreshingly honest and direct. It does not occur to them to be insincere. They just respond unpretentiously to the world outside  themselves. 

Giving back the same genuine eagerness and curiosity that can be found in children is one of the best ways to unlock their potential. 

Music is something almost everyone can relate to at any age. It is yet another example of what we have in common. Children have a built-in attraction to music and will respond to it almost immediately. It is so fascinating and amazing how music helps us to develop so many of the fundamental skills we will use throughout our lives. 

It is truly an honor to provide music education and to witness the shining results in these little souls.

Here is why Burr Bear Music Program is loved by our little musicians

Inspiring and Friendly Environment

Your child’s imagination will soar in a fun and playful atmosphere free of pressure and competition.

Proven Program With Consistent Results

We use fun and entertaining activities that develop many skills and controls while the children laugh, dance and sing


Over 30 years of experience inspiring kids to laugh and learn throughout the tristate area.

Program Success Stories

Rockland Conservatory of Music Logo

Marigene Kettler

Executive Director
Rockland Conservatory of Music

Burr Johnson has the unique combination of expertise as a musician and educator mixed with the charismatic qualities of a ‘pied piper’ that makes kids of all ages want to be in his midst and make music. Burr Bear Music sets them on a journey of musical exploration that will last a lifetime. 

Bruce Barnard

Town Supervisor

Burr Bear Music – voted most popular program three years running, at camp Kickapoo in North Castle, NY 

Sandra Condon

CCSD Childcare and Early Learning Program


Burr is not only a gifted musician, but he is a skilled teacher as well. Burr has been providing educational music experiences at our early childhood program for many years. He works as well with toddlers as he does with the older children and he tailors his lessons according to the developmental needs of each age group. One of the best attributes of his program is the combination of music and movement, which is a natural extension of a child’s innate response to music. Even the youngest infants will bounce and move when they hear his  music. It is a universal attribute of all children. They can enjoy music long before they can walk or speak. Burr’s music experiences enrich the lives of the children in our program and we are grateful for the time that he spends with us. 

Catherine Hecht

Rhythm and Rhyme Child Care, Inc.

“Mr. Burr Johnson started coming to the center summer before last. Each week he brings his music and entertainment for the different age groups we have. The children really look forward to his presence each week and what surprises he may bring to us.”

Some thoughts from the children:
“He acts funny and he sings funny songs”
“When Mr. Burr sings, I like his singing and toys”
“I like when he sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Pizza”
“I like it when he sings and plays the guitar”
“I like to jump and dance when he plays and sing”

A teacher’s comment
 The children really enjoy it and look forward to him coming each week. They even discuss his classes amongst themselves on the days when he is not here.

Interested in Burr Bear Music Program?

I offer free introductory performances to organizations dedicated to children’s education. Lets talk: call me directly at (845) 862-4133, or come meet me on performance days.

Burr Johnson teaches Ukulele and other instruments

Whats New

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