Burr Bear Music Art by Barbara Baker

I met Barbara Baker many years ago as a student who wanted me to teach her guitar and we became friends right away.  She had a music for children business and asked me if I wanted to join her.  Since music and movement was big part of my studies and college degrees, I jumped at the opportunity.  We were a great team together, performing on many stages together and producing several albums of our combined music.  These picture of Barbara and I together with the animals really capture the joy and excitement we felt as we played and sang our songs to the children.  I like to think the smiles and enthusiasm we have seen in the audiences of moms and dads and their kids are captured in the images of the happy adorable animals seen in these pictures. 

What It Is - Burr Johnson Band Album
"What It Is" Album Cover
Burr Johnson - Dinner Party - CD Cover
"The Dinner Party" Album Cover
"My Treehouse" Album Cover
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