Burr makes a video

When I flew to Germany that year I wasn’t sure what I was going to find. I knew I was shooting a video but I was unclear as to what kind of budget these guys had been given and for how long we’d be at it.

Turns out it took two days in which I had to wear the same shirt I had on, under super hot lights, two days in a row with out being washed (I had to look like this was all completed in one sitting)(I guess people don’t like having the actors in their infomercials/testominials/turorials, or what ever you call this thing, to make costume changes. Lots of cameras, lots of lights, lots of work. but we got it done.

When I got there I realized they wanted me to use the AIX 101 (seen on the guitar in the picture below the video) instead of the built in Gk2A I had beautifully installed by David Lee. So I had to literally cut the pickup out and replace it with what you see down below (scaring). 

The footage is kind of funny actually.

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