CD: The Burr Johnson Band


These tracks are the first recordings done after I got back into midi guitar. Previously I had worked for many years with different guitar synthesizer systems and had varied but mostly frustrating results.

Then I was approached to try the Axon pitch to midi converter, and after trying it, was again hooked on the world of midi guitar. The regular guitar side was still analogue though, with Mesa Boogie stuff, so the system was not yet a fully digital environment. On these recordings the distortion tones are really “tube-ish” in their quality. Nick Saya does a great job with the drum chair, and Tyger McNeal also makes an appearance. Al Payson never disappoints, always there, always great. The audio here is just the opening groove and part of the head of the song “Nice Car”. I’m gonna add some more audio to listen to from this project soon.

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Burr Johnson (guitar); Nick Saya (drums); & Al Payson (bass); and Tyger McNeal.

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